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Weeks after a winter storm, Jackson, Mississippi, residents may soon be able to stop boiling water before using it

While water has largely been restored, the boil water notice has remained, preventing some residents from using water for cooking or washing. Officials in Jackson intend to provide surface water samples to the Mississippi State Health Department in the next few days to ensure the boil water notice can be lifted, a news release from the city said Saturday.

Tanks have continued to fill after the cold weather snap caused multiple leaks and breaks, depleting the city’s water supply.

The city hopes to drop off the samples starting Sunday or Monday, so that the precautionary boil water notice that is still in effect for those using water from the city’s 43,000 connections can be lifted, according to the release.

At least 120 samples from various locations throughout the city will need to pass the sampling tests for two consecutive days for the boil water notice to be lifted.

The city of Jackson lifted a precautionary boil water notice for the 16,000 connections served by the Jackson Maddox Well System on Wednesday, the release said.

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