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‘This’ Comment Dozens Of Twitter Users On Thread Incorrectly Explaining News Story

WASHINGTON—Championing the series of posts that were completely littered with factual errors and misinformation, dozens of Twitter users reportedly commented ‘This’ Friday on a thread incorrectly explaining a recent news story. “Omg, FINALLY someone is pointing out what’s really going on,” said user JackSkellington88 in response to the series of erroneous tweets, echoing swarms of other online commentators who, despite neglecting to read the original news story and any section of the thread beyond the first post, responded with multiple upward finger emojis. “Glad someone had the guts to say it. You all better listen up, because this is honestly the most important thing you’ll read today.” At press time, JackSkellington88 had begun searching for the employment info of another Twitter user who disagreed with him.

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