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This $60 Emergency Kit Founded By Kourtney Kardashian’s BFF, Simon Huck, Helps You In Times Of Need

Shop the world’s ‘first digitally-connected emergency kit,’ the JUDY emergency kit, brought to you by celebrity PR icon Simon Huck. This kit addresses ‘warmth, safety, tools, first aid, food & water’ needs.

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The world’s a scary place, which is why you should always have an emergency kit on-hand. No, we’re not talking about a toolbox with band-aids and antiseptic wipes. For something a bit more glamorous — and which you could actually wear around your waist for a hike — check out this $60 emergency kit from JUDY, a company co-founded by Kourtney Kardashian‘s BFF Simon Huck that specializes in emergency kits that just launched in Jan. 2020.

Purchase the JUDY emergency kit here for $60.

“The Starter” pack comes in the form of a cute, bright orange fanny pack filled with “expert-picked supplies” that focuses on “warmth, safety, tools, First Aid, food and water” needs. You can see a photo of the seven types of supplies you’ll be getting below, which include a whistle, glow sticks, meal replacement bars, emergency blankets, ponchos, and dust masks. This starter pack is designed for one person.

You’re not only getting the above-listed items with this little emergency kit, though. Huck’s company also offers “24/7 SMS text alerts and emergency preparedness tips,” ensuring that you’re never totally alone in the state of an actual emergency. As an added bonus, this kit — and all the other ones on JUDY’s website — are 100 percent water-resistant, in case you find yourself stranded in the ocean or get caught in a rainstorm. It’s also a compact fanny pack that only weighs four pounds and has the following measurements: “H 6.5in x W 13.5in x D 3.5in.”

Judy Emergency Kit

So, who are these “experts” picking out the supplies in JUDY’s kits? The company says that it has consulted with top “Certified Emergency Managers and Emergency Management and Disaster Response Experts” for each of its kits.

Simon further explained these professionals his company has consulted with, telling DuJour Magazine, “We spent 18 months working with leading preparedness experts and first responders across the country. These people are some of the most selfless humans on the planet who quite literally sacrifice their lives for the safety and health of others.”

He later added, “We immersed ourselves in the world of emergency preparedness for the past year. We started out with a simple mission to understand why so many households were vastly unprepared for emergencies. We talked to hundreds of people all across the country, including leading experts in emergency preparedness, survivalists, first responders, and firefighters. Ultimately we determined the right mix of products for varying consumer needs, from the Starter and Mover for on-the-go emergency support to The Safe as an at-home hub of disaster supplies.”

You can also opt for an even larger emergency kit — or downsize. JUDY offers three other options in emergency kits: “The Safety,” a $45 pouch that comes with six types of supplies; “The Mover Max,” a $180 backback that comes with “over 24 life-saving preparedness items”; and “The Safe,” a $250 tub container that also comes with over 24 types of supplies (109 pieces) meant to “support a family of 4 for up to 72 hours,” which was even featured on Oprah Winfrey‘s 2020 list of “Favorite Things.” You can also get “The Mover Max,” “The Safe” and “The Starter” as part of a bundle deal for $390 that’ll save you $100 (includes free shipping).

Even Chrissy Teigen has a JUDY emergency kit at home! When the company launched at the beginning of 2020, the cookbook author and model gave a shout-out to JUDY and wrote, “@simonhuck this is such an amazing idea. Thank you.”

Celebrities aside, what are customers saying? Well, one shopper gave JUDY a special video testimony after surprising their mom with JUDY’s  “The Starter” kit. “I gave her the emergency Starter kit for her 79th birthday and she could not have been more delighted. I have to tell you this bag was made for her .And she’s told me she’s already added a couple of things to make it even better for them like extra face masks and some blood sugar pills for my dad. So thank you so much for helping keep my mom prepared and healthy and delighting her on her birthday,” the happy customer said in the video below, shared on Jan. 12. You can also see the mom rocking her JUDY “The Starter” fanny pack in the video below!

“JUDY was born with a simple yet powerful mission to empower people with the knowledge and tools to be prepared for the unexpected,” Simon further explained in his profile with DuJour Magazine. “We are the first digitally-connected emergency kit, supported by the tools and resources to use the supplies effectively. We also have a text-based program to get your questions answered by emergency experts. Whether you’re a JUDY customer or not, you can also enroll in our text program for ongoing alerts and practical advice on navigating safety situations. JUDY offers a full emergency ecosystem, from tools to education to community.”

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