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r/motorsports – I made an iOS app for series race start times (in your time zone) and notifications

So one of my 2020 goals was to release an iOS app, which I managed to scrape in a few days before December 31st.

I watch any motorsport that has 4 wheels and an engine. There are so many problems with trying to watch motorsport at the moment. Trying to find out what series are racing and when, and then trying to find the start times, and then the worst bit – trying to convert time zones. URGH. I’ve hated it for years. So I built this app to solve that problem, and then built it out into a service that others could use too.

I’ve included all major series (list at the bottom of the post), but I’ve got a lot more to add as series begin throughout the year. The app will give you a notification before the race starts. You can set how far in advance you want the notification – anywhere between on the green flag time, or up to 7 days before hand. You can set it to 3 days 17 hours and 12 minutes if you want. Up to you. The idea being that you set the notification early enough that you have time to stop what you’re doing and watch the race.

The app lists the start time for each event in the app itself, but it converts it to your local time zone (if your phone is set to your local time). So rather than trying to work out what the time conversion is, or if the series website has done it for you or whatever, this just tells you the time. If it says 5pm, it’s 5pm your time. End of. Start times are updated several times a week as series publish them. So whilst a lot say TBA now, they are filled out more as races approach.

You can customise what series you want to see, and what series you want notifications for. So if you’re just a NASCAR and IndyCar fan, you can turn everything else off. You might want to set it so you can see everything, but only get notifications for F1 for example. That works too.

It has a Today View and Week View. So you can get a quick look at what series are on on that specific day, and what races are on that specific week. So you can plan your weekend viewing in advance.

I’ve kept it super lightweight. It has no additional frameworks added to it, and no privacy violating ad systems. I collect zero data from you. I don’t want your data. Please don’t give me your data.

Adding new features soon: custom notification sounds, iOS Widgets and race day weather reports.

Series included currently are:

F1, F2, F3, Formula E, IndyCar, WEC, IMSA WeatherTech, IMSA Pilot, ELMS, AsLMS, GTWC Europe, GTWC Endurance, IGTC, NLS/N24, 24H Series, BTCC, Supercars, NASCAR Cup, Xfinity, Trucks, Dakar, WRC, ERC, WRX, MotoGP, WSBK, BSB.

Series planning on adding (I do take requests):

GTWC Australia, GTWC America, SuperGT, Super Formula, W Series, British GT, German GT (ADAC GT MasterS), IndyLights, FIA GT4, DTM, Le Mans Cup, GTWC Asia, GT Open

It’s for iOS only at the moment. I am going to investigate an Android version at some point this year, but I can’t promise it (I’m already maintaining an iOS version, and a backend)

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