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‘It’s like having a concussion,’ says Boston Celtics’ Evan Fournier of lingering Covid-19 side effects

Fournier was traded from the Orlando Magic to the Celtics in March, but admitted he has been struggling with focus and depth perception as he continues to recover from the virus.

“It’s like I have a concussion,” 28-year-old Fournier told reporters after the Celtics’ 129-119 loss to the Portland Trail Blazers on Sunday.

“Right now, it’s actually doing a little bit better. But at first it’s like the bright lights were bothering my eyes and my vision was blurry and everything was just going too fast for me.

“At times, I’m really struggling to focus and my eyes keep struggling to focus on one thing. My depth perception is really bad right now. But I saw a specialist, she gave me some exercises and hopefully it will get better.”

Fournier, who scored 21 points with five rebounds and three assists against the Blazers, has featured in six games since his return on April 23.

He said he was able to “feel like myself a little bit” during Sunday’s game, but added that the period since his return to the court has been “painful.”

“It’s just terrible timing,” Fournier said about the impact of the virus.

“I get here and we have high expectations and ambitions, trying to make a run. For the first time in my career, I have an opportunity to make a really deep run into the playoffs with a team.

“So it’s kind of a golden opportunity for me to finally be with a great team, and the fact that I got Covid and now I’m feeling like this, it’s heartbreaking to be honest.”

According to Dr. Manoj Sivan, an associate clinical professor and consultant at University of Leeds, about 10% of people will experience long-term health issues from Covid as they recover from the virus.
He said that symptoms of long Covid mainly include fatigue, breathlessness, pain, brain fog, and psychological problems, but can also include palpitations, dizziness, rashes and joint swelling.

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