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Biden administration asks for more time to decide whether to turn Trump’s taxes over to the House

The committed subpoenaed Trump’s taxes while he was president and the Treasury Department, at the time, declined to comply with the subpoena. The House filed a lawsuit against the Treasury Department to enforce the subpoena. Trump’s lawyers intervened in the case.

Lawyers for the House and Justice Department, which represents the Treasury Department, said in a joint filing that “they have had communications, and anticipate further communications, that may inform Defendants’ position in this case.”

They asked for an additional month, and are set to update the judge again at the end of April.

The case is one of the most significant interbranch standoffs the ex-President still faces — especially since the change in administration — regarding the possible disclosure of his financial records to Congress and congressional investigations around him.

Trump’s lawyers must get 72-hours-notice if the Biden administration were planning to give the House the tax returns, per the court, in case he would like to take legal action.

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